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Tue. Apr 14th 2020
APRIL 26TH, 2020 OPEN HOUSE POSTPONEDIn the best interest of the health of our community and our firefighters we will be postponing our annual open house event. We participate in the annual 'RECR...
Tue. Mar 3rd 2020
East Seneca Firefighters participated in the annual Variety Kids Telethon which collects donations for WNY’s sick, disabled, and disadvantaged children. All donations stay local and go directly ...
Sun. Feb 23rd 2020
On February 19th, 2020 at 1207 hours, East Seneca was alerted for a working structure fire within their district. East Seneca 9-2 arrived on location and reported a 2 story, wood frame structure with ...
Antique # 23
1923 American LaFrance
Truck was purchased as a parade vehicle. It is also used at the fire company's annual family picnic and for driving Santa Claus around the fire district at Christmas time. The only time it was used by East Seneca Fire Company for fire service was to pump flood waters in the early 1960's behind the Southgate Plaza, pumping for 24 hours straight.

The truck was repowered in 1965 with a 265 GM engine, and then again in 1974 with a 327 Gm engine. For the bicentennial in the 1976 the truck was repainted. It was repowered in 1990 with a 305 GM and completely refurbished by the East Seneca Fire Company members with the assistance from Tim Weixlmann 1991-1994 to it's present state.
East Seneca Ambulance # 8
1999 Ford Road Rescue Ambulance
Type III Body
V8 7.3 Turbo Diesel Engine
Room For 7 Personnel and 1 Patient Or Up To 3 Patients and 3 Personnel

Fully Equipped BLS, ILS, ALS (Paramedic)
East Seneca Engine # 1
1989 FMC Modified 5 Man Truck
Pump- Hale High Pressure Pump 1250 Gallons Per Minute
Water Tank- 500 Gallons
Hose- 2-200' 1 3/4 Attack Lines (Pre Connected)
2-200' Reels High Pressure Hose Lines
2400' 4" Large Diameter Hose
1600' 2 1/2 Hose Line
600' 1 3/4 Hose Line
Hurst Combination Tool and Portable Hydraulic Pump
Various Firefighter Hand Tools
EMS Equipment and AED
East Seneca Engine # 2
1994 KME Modified 8 Man Truck
Engine- Cummins L10 Diesel
Pump- 1500 Gallons Per Minute
Water Tank - 750 Gallons
Foam Tank- 30 Gallons
Hose- 2- 200' Attack Lines
100' Foam Attack Line
1300' 4" Large Diameter Hose
1000' 2 1/2 Hose Line
600' 1 1/2 Hose Line
200' Trash Line
Various Firefighter Hand Tools
EMS Equipment and AED
East Seneca Heavy Rescue # 5
1999 Peirce- Detriot Diesel
EMS Equipped For EMT, AEMT, EMT-P

Auto Extrication Equipment:
Hurst "Jaws of Life" Cutter, Spreader, and Combination Tool
Struts- Hurst and Paratech
Air Chisel
Air Bags
Glass Masters
Speedy Dry and Spill Containment Equipment
Farmer Jacks
Leaf Blower

Fire Equipment:
Pike Poles
Bolt Cutters
Gas/ Electric Vent Fans
Chain Saws
Circular Saws
East Seneca Utility # 7
2000 Ford F-250 Diesel
East Seneca # 7 is our primary swift water rescue unit and Storm Emergency Fire Unit (S.E.F.U.) that deploys with a trailer that contains a Kawasaki 4x4 Mule and various flood and severe storm equipment.

Inflatable Swift Water and Ice Rescue Boat
Water Rescue Rope Bags
Miscellaneous Water Rescue Equipment
Swift Water Dry Suits
Life Jackets
EMS Equipment
Traffic Control Equipment

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